Greetings and salutations, known and unknown readers. This, the first post on A Patchwork of Perceptions, marks the beginning of a new adventure for me – that of releasing to a big, unpredictable world some of the ideas that float through my head. Of all the sites open on the web for you to read, I thank you for giving mine a peek.

This blog will cover topics of the classroom. Together we will learn the art of cooking (so far as my amateur experience allows) and the art of learning (so far as my high school education allows). We will explore the world with both pan and pen.

Why those topics?

Of the first, I believe that one best experiences a culture through its food. Though language, religion, and any other cultural factors may split the relation between two people, food unites. In the words of the late American cook James Beard, “Food is a common ground, our universal experience.”

Of the second, I have a mind ever-thirsting to discover more. In addition to regular schooling, I have embarked in the past few years on journeys deeper into the realm of learning. Here, I want to share my findings from this vast forest of history, literature, mathematics, science – anything, everything and, sometimes, nothing. (After all, what is better than mining the depths of nothing?)

I know not what you sought that brought you to this site. Perhaps your desires align with me – a yearning to learn of food and of learning. Perhaps you have different goals. Either way, I hope you will stay awhile and participate with me traversing this incredible trail.

Who knows where it will bring us? For that matter, why bother with the destination? As T. S. Eliot phrased it, “The journey, not the arrival, matters.”

Edit (06/12/18): The focus of A Patchwork of Perceptions shifted to just academic topics. For the kitchen side, please visit my second site, Wholesome Chickpea.