This is a guest post from my sister Emma, who blogs on her personal tumblr site urban-hart. She features mostly hand-drawn, traditional art with digital art and photography mixed in here and there. She also posts photos of our pet chickens on her side blog, rural-hart.

Emma visits me at my WordPress platform today to share some of her favorite drawings to date (and to hopefully lure you to her own blog).


Even as my dear sister Abigail explained the majority of my art is traditionally done, we’ll start with digital pieces. I drew this for Chinese New Year: a chow chow eating noodles, dumplings, and fish – all lucky foods in Chinese culture – with a paw over a red envelope. I am quite proud of how this turned out (other than the tail).

Hart frustrated

This is red panda fursona me during a bad art day, when I didn’t like anything that I drew.  (They say it happens to the best of us, so that’s consolation. Then again, it also happens to the worst of us. So, consolation gone.)


Our grumpy, broody Ameraucana Henrietta took on the form of a box once. I took that as the perfect opportunity to turn her into an icon for my side-blog.


Life drawings are good. Vedy good. Improves one’s observational skills and ability to convert what they see onto paper. My sketch up there of the family dog, Brodie, is admittedly off proportionally, but you never get anywhere without failing a little bit.


This was a quick sketch done on a restaurant placemat with Hamilton on my mind. Alas, I have not had the good fortune of viewing any stage production EVER. It makes me kind of mad since there’s so much to see and I haven’t seen any of it.


We’ll conclude with the icon for my main blog. Unbeknownst to you, friendly viewers, coyotes are quite near and dear to my and Abigail’s hearts. And we shall keep it that way.

Thank you for viewing, have a good day! (And thank you, Abigail, for allowing me to shamelessly self-promote on your blog.)

For more of Emma’s work, visit her here at her art blog. If you liked the drawings featured here, please write your thoughts in the comments below.