Amped – Live Fully Alive (Image from Christianbook Distributors)

Greetings, my loyal followers and occasional viewers!

I’ve been blogging at A Patchwork of Perceptions for about six months now, having started mid- to late-January. Anyone who has read my site for any length of time might have observed that I like to post consistently – at least three posts a week. However, this week I have published no posts.

The reason for this: Every third week of July my home church organizes summer camp, called Summer Challenge, for the kids in the community. The camp ran all week from 9 to 12 every day. Today was the last official day of Summer Challenge 2018.

I, along with my sister, volunteered as a coach for the program, and so were occupied each morning this week helping lead the campers. This year was my first time volunteering at an event like this. While exhausting, being part of a team for such an amazing event was so rewarding. Camp attracted almost 200 kids this year and mobilized over 100 volunteers and workers.

For the whole week I worked with a small team of other coaches (three others, to be specific) in the coding “challenge” of Summer Challenge. Ours was the smallest group – only ten kids – which made it easier to connect with the campers. Our team focused on learning to program app-controlled robots called Dash and Cue. Goals included “teaching” the robots dance in sync, directing the robots through a maze or race track, and having the robots say messages we recorded.

As a coach, I had to arrive earlier than the campers and leave a little later. Thus, while the actual program ran from 9 to 12 every day, I spent from about 8 to 12:30. By the afternoon, I was tired and neglected to research and write posts for A Patchwork of Perceptions.

Now that Summer Challenge has ended, I aim to resume my previous routine of posting three times a week.

I hope that you’ve all been well!